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Thank you to all Veterans and their families!

Do you know what this means?uniform 1

Service, honor, commitment, integrity. Yes. But the actual item. Honestly, I don’t know how to ‘read’ a uniform. But look what I found:

A handy postcard sized “How to Identify Them Guide” for US uniforms and insignias, circa 1941

Enlisted Personnel

A Chief Petty Officer would earn a starting base salary of $126 per month.  The same buying power in 2013 would be $2052.

Army / Marine Key


The Army side shows how many in an officers command.  One star on the shoulder is a Brigadier General, and a brigade is 5,000-6,300.


  The Navy side shows the key is in the cuffs.  Plus comparable ranks to Army Officers, a Navy Captain to an Army Colonel

Hats off to all service men and women!

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