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1940’s Football Programs

Collection of vintage programs from the 1940’s.

Yes one is an encore. But the graphics are enchanting plus it’s so fun to peek inside. And it’s going to be a sunny football filled weekend!

Many a good rivalry persists.Outhouse tippingPlayers then, and now. I appreciate that the Eastern Washington Manager made the team picture.

I love college football, then and now

No face or body paint, but yes to the two-day tattoo.  We are true blue purple fans with a few football traditions (quirks). Family members must be present for kick-off, no opposing teams colors worn & nachos for dinner.  Certain cheers (rants) for certain times.  Fair play and sportsmanship. (70-0, really?) Love love love when NBC shows the college band playing during the college game. It’s part of the game. Celebrates all of the students, coaches and fans involved.

We definitely use our outside voices inside, sometimes for the better part of three hours. We squeal when things go well.  Nimble tiptoes down the sideline (Scamper little piggy!) or a sailing one handed reception–sweet! We absolutely talk, chat, mutter and y-e-l-l as if the players, coaches and refs could hear us. (You have a phone, use it–call us!). Hey that was a Horse-Collar!  Things can get a bit exciting. Best if just one person (who has given birth four times) has the TV remote.  No names, but someone’s kids could also signal touchdowns by age one.

The tradition continuesHomecoming!

Nostalgic ads.

Advertisers, some the same, and some long gone 70 years laterCoca ColaWhat's a cigarette hangover?

What’s a cigarette hangover?


The 2013 NFL Bud Light Ad Campaign is “It’s Only Weird If It Doesn’t Work.” And it is So True. CAM03987Keeping with the NFL segue, the Seahawks had a few plays like the one above last Thursday. And our most favorite signal–a safety. Go D!

ScoreHave fun! Please excuse me, I need to remove all red from our living room by kickoff . . .


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