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3-D Then & Now

Birthday shopping for something cool for my nieces made me realize I had a collection of things that, at one point in history, were cool too.Though not sure if they were ever birthday presents . . .

Let’s start out over 100 years ago,

Stereoscope White Vermont 3

This is an antique stereoscope made by H. O. White Co., in N. Bennington, Vermont. Stereoscopes use two of the same images at different angles for creating the perception of depth.

Warm wood, etched details, and the handle folds away to make storage easier. It had one photo card when I inherited it, which has been lost in the fray.

The next example of 3-D viewers is this Bakelike View-Master produced between 1946- 1955.

Sawyer's View-Master Viewer Model C 2

Travels and adventures via multi-photo reels

View-Master Reel Mountain Trip 1 View-Master Reel Mountain Trip 2

The reels with this viewer fall into the theme of Western US destinations, Pikes Peak, Knott’s Berry Farm & California Missions.

Also Bakelite, is this View-Master viewer Model E, produced from 1955-1961.

Sawyer's View-Master

View-Master Viewer Reels

Set of Reels from the San Diego Zoo

Ah, pressing the viewer with its distinctive click to change images takes me back. Growing up, I remember using my View-Master to see all types of animals & places around the world.

A peek at the past,

The View Back Then

Using the Model C, Mountain Trip Reel, Glacier Park Montana

And I did find something cool for my nieces.

A peek at the present. Now you can visit places, play games & fly with a new type of viewer.

Google Cardbord kitA cardboard kit can transform your smart phone into a virtual reality viewer. Download an app and see where you’ll go. Google Cardboard in action

Niece during her first virtual reality experience. :)  Both girls have given it a thumbs up.

Collecting new memories, that’s fun. (Maybe even learning?)

Can’t wait to give it a try soon too.



One Thought on “3-D Then & Now

  1. Janet Padgett on 31 January, 2016 at 2:35 pm said:

    I love your energy, inquisitiveness and enthusiasm for all your finds., I learn something new each time I read your blog. I remember most of the items you show. Oh dear, have I lived a long time or what?

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