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A Corner of History

Optional Title:  What Have You Done for Me Philately?

Sometimes a message from the past rings just as clearly today.  This stamp is from 1960. It’s one of the 100 stamps I picked up in a glassine envelope last week. Just a dollar, yet it contains so much more.  What a wonderful, meandering, vintage surprise.

55 years old, and absolutely current for 2015.

World Refugee Year Stamp 1960

It made me pause to think, I believe NPR mentioned that Germany alone is expecting 800,000 migrants this year.

These stamps for the most part averaged 50-65 years old. What other insights, progress and declines can we see?

Water Conservation Stamp

1960. An ongoing key element in the crippling drought throughout parts of  the US

A handful of stamps can present a handy life guideline. Be supportive and kind, careful & conscientious, and conserve resources.

Some stamps show goals that have been achieved. Yippee!

Project Mercury Stamp

US Man in Space

and some that are still in process***

United Against Malaria Stamp

Some stamps represent a moment that is now just history

Newspaper Boys Stamp

Newspaper Boys Recognition Stamp   “Busy Boys are Better Boys”

1948 Saluting Young America Stamp

And some continue to make historyRed Cross Stamp

Doesn’t everyone enjoy using the term ‘sesquicentennial’ when the opportunity arises?

National Capital Supre-me Court, & White House

 Actually. it’s my first time [ever] using the term, but happy 150th (& now 215th) birthdays to the National Capital, Supreme Court, & White House.  Sesquicentennials are all honored by the trio above.

Stamps live on a small corner on our correspondence. As the use of snail mail continues to dwindle, it’s fun to take a peek back.

International Cooperation Year 1965

If we continue to work together, we CAN do it!

A stamp can be a snapshot into what the world was thinking about. For 2015, stamps have been released commemorating Elvis Presley and Maya Angleou, Special Olympics and Penguins, and the Gift of Friendship.

Plus I added a new item to add to my Space Needle collection.

Seattle Space Needle Stamp

Quite the dollar well spent.

*** Always curious. these tiny stamps gave me a few things to research

From the CDC: A malaria eradication campaign was started in the 1950s, but it failed globally because of problems including the resistance of mosquitoes to insecticides used to kill them, the resistance of malaria parasites to drugs used to treat them, and administrative issues. Malaria has been eliminated from many developed countries with temperate climates.

  • 3.4 billion people live in areas at risk of malaria transmission in 106 countries and territories.
  • The World Health Organization estimates that in 2013 malaria caused 198 million clinical episodes, and 500,000 deaths.

Can it be eradicated? Article by Bill Gates 2014

and who are these chaplains?

Immortal Chaplains Stamp

I will start reading  No Greater Glory: The Four Immortal Chaplains and the Sinking of the Dorchester in World War II, soon. A new piece of history for me, will acquired by peeking at a set of stamps.   I now know that it was 1943, and they are honored with a stained glass panel in the Pentagon.

So, Stamp up your game a little bit too when you’re out, see what you can see. :)

One Thought on “A Corner of History

  1. Eggplant on 25 October, 2015 at 1:40 pm said:

    Not only history in those little snippets, but graphic art too. World stamps also have the added benefit of a geography lesson! Loved the history lessons in these selections!

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