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A Man in a White Hat

This is the last remaining member of a remarkable collection.


Stetson White Hats, traditionally worn by the good guys, and especially my favorite overall good guy, my dad.  (If Santa had a brother, it would be my Dad.) Quite the change from the Navy officers hat, baseball cap and motorcycle helmet  he had also worn. I think it was a signal of “I’m happy and I’m retired”. Overtime, a number of hats were purchased, each with a different place in the “use” rotation.  A hat progressed from Sunday best to daily wear to working in the yard to “Please Dad, you cannot keep wearing that hat.”  Luckily in Montana there are a number of vendors and choices.

Dad enjoyed collecting a variety of experiences and moments in these white Stetsons.  (I’d bet he might have been the only guy wearing a cowboy hat when visiting Sea World in San Diego. . .) And it was certainly easy for the granddaughters to spot him in on the sidelines of a soccer game if they moseyed over for an autumn visit. Conversely, many white cowboy hats could be checked at dinnertime in the Rocky Mountains, so make sure it’s yours you retrieve.

Hats from this collection went to family members, one to the high school drama department, and the last one to me.  A Stetson hat box is very large, and while I love the hat and the memories associated with it, I can also let it go.

So my plan was to take a few pictures to capture the memory.  Here is a detail tucked inside that I have never noticed,

A cowboy giving his horse a drink.  I love horses.  And I love a secret. I also appreciate the quiet nod to the origins of these iconic hats.

So seeing this image is like receiving one more wink from my dad.  Caught as a tear in my eye.

Now Giddy-Up!

Parade time

Herding granddaughters

Who knew?  How much water does a 10-gallon hat hold?

3 quarts  from

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