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A Small Fortune

A Small Collection of Vintage Fortune Telling ItemsFortune Cards1920’s Deck of Gypsy Lore Fortune Telling Cards


Directions for doing a regular reading, a wish reading, and a reading for someone who is absent.Home, Legacy. PurchaseDelightful graphics.

Success, Surprise, Caution

180 Degree View.
Hope someone heeded the “Don’t Speculate” caution.

Wishing for Good FortuneWhat's your Fortune? Still need a peek into the future?

If your crystal ball is cracked, you could also give these a try,

Jon Anton English Fortune Teacup 1

This English teacup features fortune telling and zodiac symbols.

“Wouldst thy fortune like to see? Perchance this cup will show it thee.”Fortune Teacup 2 Perhaps a cup of Milk Oolong full-leaf is in order?

If no time to brew, there’s the classic spooky game with keys to the future and the past.Ouija 2

Ouija 1

I glued the pieces together to hang, so any vintage value is lost, but perfect for Halloween. Boo!

I’ll concur with the board, and go make a cuppa.


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