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A Spooktacular Vintage Hallow’een

If you are lucky to have lived in a (very) small town, this might ring a trick-or-treat bell.

In addition to births and graduations, awards and engagement announcements, newspapers often carried a report of an illness, a promotion or a bumper blueberry crop.  At eleven,  I remember being impressed to see my name in print after visiting my grandparents in rural Idaho. “A lovely visit was had by all. Iced tea and apple bread were served.” How did they know? In hindsight, perhaps my grandmother submitted the details. However, an out-of-state car parked on a three-block Main Street was noticeable.

Here is a precious example of an event featured in 1926. Social Column 1926The sixteen children attending included two Ruth’s, two Betty’s, one Myrtle and two boys.  This notice, and the following items, were found together in my trove of “an only daughter of an only daughter” treasures.

This event started with an invitation to kindergarten friends and neighbors. 1926 Hallow'een InvitationPumpkin invitation This jack o’lantern garland is one of the decorations that “carried out the Hallow’een motive so dear to the hearts of youngsters.”  Each of the dual-sided faces express such personality.

Vintage Paper Pumpkin 1920's 6

This pumpkin has an earnest appeal, reminding me of Buster Baxter in “Arthur” episodes.

 I have not found a makers mark, but believe the garland was made by Beistle.

 See how the eyes have changed direction? This little pumpkin below maybe distressed because the price was marked on his face.

Vintage Paper Pumpkin 1920's 1 with price15¢!

Cute in 1926, and hanging out todayNot so spooky mantel

 Treats were served on crepe paper placematsVintage Crepe Paper Halloween Placemats

I am less enthusiastic about these graphics, so they stay in the box. Something is frightening as all the characters are running or flying away. The image on the right may be a manifestation of a Halloween “turducken”. A flying pumpkin in a witches hat?

A few bright orange and black crepe paper nut cups remain.

Vintage Halloween Crepe Paper Nut CupPlus some irresistible placecards Vintage Halloween Placecard Bridge? The gold-edged vintage placecards were found in the same keepsake box. Maybe a memento of this party, or a later Halloween bridge night.

What might a hostess wear to play “appropriate Hallow’een games”?

CAM12344A fairy costume, of course.

This party sounds like such fun! Did this gang celebrate Halloween again?Handmade Vintage Childrens Halloween InvitationWhy yes they did.

Halloween in the News, Party #2

Happy Halloween!

Vintage Halloween Sticker

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  1. What a darling snippet of a long ago party. These are the gems I love to find with all the little decorations and details to fill in the blanks. Loved this post!

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