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All Hallows’ Eve Eve Eve

An October / Halloween example from a collection of vintage periodicals. (No, not too many National Geographics in the collection. It’s been edited more than once. But this, again, has irresistible graphics.)

Wee Wisdom October 1965For Boys and Girls 5 to 13

Similar to a Highlights magazine. Contains stories, art and activities. Do you think ‘Wisdom’ might be a pretty tall order for this age group?  Perhaps I’ll look for a few other issues just in case . . .Wee Wisdom Halloween detail

The definition of ‘wisdom’ may have changed a bit since 1965. Which is more unusual above, the children burning a sizable pile leaves, or the father wearing a suit while supervising?  Hmmm.

Here’s an activity example,

Name These Cities

The author’s name is Milt. Love it.

Would also be a terrific name for a spunky Corgi or an unfazeable Bernese Mountain Dog.

In 1965, many a hobo, witch and ghost probably enjoyed the diversions found reading Wee Wisdom as they waited for the 31st to arrive to trick or treat for full-size candy bars and homemade popcorn balls. I think I’ll leave it out for mine.

Answer key:

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