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April in Paris (ish)

Each piece is so beautifulMarch 31st was the 125th anniversary of the opening the Eiffel Tour.

But it’s April Fools day, so perhaps I’ll start with something silly, like say calculus.  I spied this recently in my daughters homework (not that I could help her with it . . .)

Eiffel calculus 1I don’t recall the answers being posted with the problem when I was in high school . . . but solve away.  The next step is graphing. Do you see what I see?

Eiffel calculus 2Mais Oui!  My favorite math problem ever.

Now, since I do so hate missing a friends birthday, let’s celebrate with an Eiffel Tower collection.

Eiffel looking up

Going up?

Tip top of the Eiffel tour

Tip top of the Eiffel Tour

Six million people visit a year.Bag 2, Detail

Fun with La Belle Tour

Cute, but not French at all,

Eiffel Mug

Favorite mug from Sur La Table


From Paris

Eggciting 2

And Made in France

One of my most favorite logos

One of my favorite logos

A little more Eiffel around the house

View from the top

 Now, if you liked the Eiffel + math idea, this could be the book for you.


Pardon (pun intended) the glare, but a classic view at night from the Seine.Boat tour

Happy Birthday!bleu blanc et rouge eiffel

And last April we were lucky enough to be in Paris. Until next time, I’ll save Parisian thoughts here.Journal 2B

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