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Are You Prepared?

September is National Preparedness Month. I’m ready to dig in.

What? Oh. It’s October.

Drat. How did September slip by? Again. National Preparedness Month is always on my list, and yet I am not prepared. Yes I see the irony.  The back to school+sports+job+life train is obviously a challenge for me to detour. This is difficult to admit but while prepared for a number of things, this could be my portrait for others:

have always wanted long legs. . .

Fear not. The part out of the sand has gotten some basics in place. We will be hydrated, we will be warm, and we will have light. And while crabby, we WILL have three rectangular meals a day. (AKA a refreshed stash of granola bars.) And we should also have kissy fresh breath as we protect the investment in dental care and orthodontia. ‘Bug Out with Your Retainer’.  I think it’ll catch on. . . .

In the post-September assessment, I realized that the emergency meeting place everyone remembers is the big tree in the front yard. Perfect safe spot. A.n.d. it’s at our old house. Hmmm. Need to refresh the prep plan with my peeps.  If I serve a yummy dessert this weekend, I can get everyone to the table at once for a chat. See? Planning.

I heard a new viewpoint on preparedness perhaps from the stockpiling/lightly hoarding prepping movement, “You can’t grow or shoot toilet paper.” True. Couldn’t and wouldn’t. My victory garden would likely need a white flag (hey, maybe we could use that) and Charmin rolls just do not roam wild in the ‘burbs.  I have read about non-TP options, and a Costco run it is!

Key resources are bookmarked.  And I’m continuing along bit by bit. Maybe at a plod, but along. Perhaps you’ll join me. Terrific.

Repeating to myself the saying one of my college professors often used,

“How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at at time.” So, Please pass the Grey Poupon.

No worries. Let’s get this done!

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