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Aviatrix, Prune Peddler, Doctor, Teacher

1930’s memorabilia that falls into an additional graduation collection.

This vintage program has seniors setting sail.

Boat grad 1

Set your course. And may the wind always be at your back. (graphics, texture, fonts!)

Another graduation program.

Blue and white Grad 1B&W grad2What do kids nicknamed Bud, Petunia, Dink, Frenchy, and Flash list as their ambitions at graduation Circa 1939?

Quite a variety! As apparent on the Classmates autographs page.  Take a peek.

Literary Critic, Forester, Mrs., Teacher, Orchestra Leader, Aviatrix,

Nicknames & Ambition 1 Nicknames & Ambition 2

And Doctor, Surgical Nurse, Beauty Operator, and yes a Prune Peddler nicknamed Chick.  I quite enjoy the variety of responses, with more range in 1939 than I expected for young adults raised in the Depression. These sweet teens have hopes and dreams, and we can still see them. You know I love any snapshot of the past. Cool.

At the very end of this booklet, was a Personal Employability test.

B&W grad 5  Hmmm, how does this advice shake out 75 years later? What do you think?

And the last bit of this grad grouping is a card from a teacher.

teacher card 1teacher card 2

An extra effort from a teacher, what a nice ending.


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