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Bank On It

After my last post, I realized a subset exists within my collection of vintage tins. A set of banks.  (Doesn’t chapter one of almost every math book through 12th grade start with sets & subsets?)  Anyhoo, here we go, Coin Bank Tins Detail

This is a trio of coffee tin coin banks. Two with same font, layout and verbiage, “one of A&P’s fine coffees”.

Coin Bank Tins Viking Coffee Detail

Copyright 1935, Chicago

This Jewish National Fund bank is the most recent addition.

And one bank is in current use by my TARDIS fan/munchkin. Not blue, not a police box, but close enough.  (It’s Dr. Why for me, sorry.)

Coin Bank Tins Telly

Churchill’s Telephone Kiosk/Money Box

Made in England, but not quite vintage (yet). This tin originally held toffees (for someone else, not us) and is more than halfway full in its second act as a bank.  Each side of the booth has a different image. A dog that I thought was waiting for the children, I now see is peeing. (!) 

Each tin is colorful, graphic, with a bit of wear. AKA perfect. Nothing that’s “I can’t wait for my Antiques Roadshow tickets” exciting, but a quintet of lovely finds.

It might just be time for a cup of coffee and a penny saved.

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