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Beat It!

A Collection of Vintage Egg Beaters

Eggplants beater

Guest Vintage Beater c/o Eggplant

Ad from 1899. A Cuisinart precursor?

A wood-handled trio and detailsBeaters1

Betty TaplinConfident greenWhippit detailPatina, creativity, a bit of rust. pampered chef whiskOK, this is a Pampered Chef whisk in current rotation in the kitchen. Makes great scrambled eggs, and a fine cocoa blender. I love how it resembles a Slinky.

I had a few more egg beaters but have downsized to mama bear, papa bear, baby bear favorites. Plus this zippy last member of the collection.  A kinda wacky spring loaded beater. drill beater 1 drill beater 2It has a spinning mechanism activated by pushing down on the handle. The spring tension then pushes back up to repeat the process. Not sure if it was truly a time or energy saver, it may had success originally in a jar with a lid. Definitely fun to play with.

Beats AnythingNow that’s confidence in the kitchen.  Who wants eggs for lunch?

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