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Boo! Vintage Halloween Party

Countdown to Halloween.  

A collection of vintage Halloween party ideas & items, starting with a late 1920’s Armour’s Star  brochure,

Vintage Armours Feast and Fun for Halloween 1

Tips for party invitations & decorations

Vintage Armours Feast and Fun for Halloween Party Tips

“Crepe paper, nimble fingers and a little ingenuity . . . ”  Still holds true for any party today.

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Vintage Armours Feast and Fun for Halloween Menu

 Using pimiento in the menu might be more of a trick this Halloween. However, cocoa with whipped cream is always a treat.

This is the detail from vintage nut cups from the same period.  The nimble fingers mentioned above have hand-stitched the crepe paper around the cups.

Vintage Halloween Treat Cups detail

Peek at the past party.

intage Armours Feast and Fun for Halloween

A pirate, clown, gypsy and friends being served an Armour Star ham.

intage Armours Star Ham Ad

A party favor from 1945.

1945 Vintage Halloween Party Favor Mini Felt Hat

And, *cough* a much less, a markedly less, actually a barely even vintage party item, is this tune I somehow remember from 1st grade.

One little, two little, three little witches,
Fly over haystacks, fly over ditches,
Four little, five little, six little witches,
Hi ho Halloween’s here!

Thank you Miss Merrill. Still enjoyed within the kindergarten crowd.  Might be more useful if I’d retained macroeconomic theories instead of spooky tunes but hey, it’s a happy memory. 

Mummy Snoopy

As the brochure states, I hope your plans include Feast and Fun for a Happy Halloween!

One Thought on “Boo! Vintage Halloween Party

  1. We had one epic Halloween party that I remember growing up – I think I was a teenager. We worked on a dark spooky entrance down the side of our house. I seem to remember cold spaghetti. HA Eric is going to be Bono for 2 parties. Pictures forthcoming after…..

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