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Box It Up

Collection of Vintage Boxes

OK, I have a few, more than a few boxes, but these are out and about the house holding office supplies, letters, photos and keepsakes.

Soda Box 1 Butterfly box Chalk 2

Chalk 1

Such a lovely little dovetailed box

Ribbons Buttons, . . .

Ribbons, buttons and now . . .

Paste 1

Perfect fit for spiral notebooks and graph paper

Candy Box 1a

Box 1, plain

Candy Box 1b RECIPE!

A simple recipe.

Candy Box 2a

#2, the marketing box

Candy Box 2b

This little group packs in some of my favorite things, great graphics and useful.

PS. The Idaho Candy Company, started in 1901 continues to make candies in Boise. Purveyors of the Idaho Spud bar.  The Trammel Company is also in the same location in Houston, creating  school spirit products.

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