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Can’t Buy Me Love

George, Paul, Ringo & John were fairly adamant when singing”Can’t Buy Me Love”.

But maybe one could “Save Me Love”?

When I was putting away my stash collection of new-to-me old stamps, I noticed a few roaming Love stamps.  After a bit of sorting (OK, more than a bit), and then seeing them as a group, I must admit, I do kinda love them. Usually I have a soft spot for larger (harder to hide) items, such as old globes, school chairs, and too many books.  Yet finding an envelope or cigar box filled with tiny treasures has just been enchanting me lately.  #MakesMeSmile, I hope you will too.

The United States Postal Service Love Stamp series began with an 8¢ stamp in 1973.

First Love Stamp 1973

By Robert Indiana

The second stamp was issued nine years later, in 1982.

2nd Love Stamp 1982

(Stamp #3 might be my favorite.)

3rd Love Stamp 1984

3rd Love Stamp 1984

I also love finding out a secret, here’s one about the Rose & Love Letter series.

The background on this 2001 stamp is an actual love letter from 1763 between John & Abigail Adams.

The background on this 2001 stamp is an actual love letter from 1763 between John & Abigail Adams. Sweet!

And then a wee gap in the collection. Now I’m on the lookout for love stamps between 2002-2008.  There’s a Hershey’s Kiss for 2007! However, I plan to skip 2009, a King & Queen of Hearts that are just a tad scary. (But sometimes so is love, right?)

That brings us to 2010, and the last Love stamp with a postage rate, 44¢, and the beginning of the Forever Love stamps. (Hmmm, more nuances USPS, very interesting.)

Garden of Love depicts the abundance of life, its generosity, whose spirit is to be shared by all its creatures. Love’s definition is broader than romantic love. Love is that colorful, full feeling you get when you enjoy being a part of and sharing in the generosity of life.” José Ortega, artist, quoted by the US Postal Service

And I have a sheet of these Forever Hearts along with Harry Potter stamps that are currently in snail mail use. Except for one, which I will now save.

2015 Forever Hearts, by Jessica Hische

2015 Forever Hearts, by Jessica Hische**

Gosh, then ponder what was contained in the cards, letters & invitations that were originally sent with these stamps.Yup, you can buy me love. 


(** link to artist describing portraying love within just one inch)

(George is 1st, my favorite Beatle.)

(And apologies to my family, who I had long thought were crazy for saving postage. Silly me.)

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