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Christmas Eve!

Wrapping up (pun intended) this week with a most loved collection–Advent calendars.

I wanted to have keepsake calendars that welcome interaction with our little elves, whatever their ages. Some times there will be a treat, coupon or note inside, but most often just the joy in a day closer to Christmas. This felt calendar by Garnet Hill has pockets and an embroidered symbol to greet each day.

Nativity calendar by Museum of Fine Arts Boston.  The velcro backed pieces are sized perfectly for pudgy little toddler hands, but not too small for toddler mouths.  Many holiday decorations are a ‘don’t touch’ item, so nice to have one that is a ‘yes please’.  The barn is becomes quite crowded by the time all 24 pieces are up. PS, also fits perfectly well in teenage hands.

The first 2 calendars are a nice Christmas red, but I have ended with a red-orange sort of glow. And blurry at that, well it’s how it looks to me without my glasses.  Sorry.

A quilted calendar by Pottery Barn Kids.  Each pocket has a holiday detail, and the numbers are non-sequential, and they can be anywhere on the square. An annual homemade marker is made and moved from pocket to pocket to count the days.  This year it’s Oprah! (From the magazine’s December cover.)

Somehow I was maternally preoccupied (read: obsessed) with each child having a fair and equal turn marking the days. Luckily 24 is divisible by 2, 3, and 4! Each year a rotation moving the marker, adding or uncovering the date per calendar has been a cheerful yet negotiated sequence. Also almost always a mini math test. . . .   I try to keep the number of treats equal in frequency and color. (See obsessed above, and really the tussle over different color wrappers on Hershey’s Kisses® was a one year only mistake on my part.)  Don’t mess with these girls’ chocolate! (Present company included.)

Of course, issues disappear with having individual chocolate countdowns. Or a box of Frango’s.

Chocolate calendar

When munchkin number 4 arrived in December, I panicked. This resulted in an impulse purchase. It’s unusual, and Play Mobil sets are a favorite.  But the pirate themed Advent calendar was never really embraced with enthusiasm.

1970’s Hallmark card featuring Rudolph.

While not quite an Advent calendar, this card counts the days until Christmas with chores! Given to me by my college roommates. Recently unearthed from a box during a purging spree.  Elicited a jolly ho ho ho from me to see it.

Sassy 1

I could have added more candy cane stickers before photographing but I did not.  It was during the frenzy of my final set of December finals, and chores were not really high on my list. But I did brush my teeth!   Wonder if there’s a time limit on completing the chart for a present? . . .  Most likely this is headed to the recycle bin, but with a smile. (From continued excellent brushing.)

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for your input!

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