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Christmas Seals

Collection of vintage Christmas seals.

Candles +

Candles, Crèche & Chapel


Even the shapes of the stickers on the sheet are charming

Poinsettias & Snowpeeps

Embossed detail

Small but with terrific detail


Kris Kringle and crewKris Kringle and crewChef SantaWhen done with the candy canes, doesn’t he seem ready to say Buon Natale & whip up a panettone next?1938 Christmas Seal1943 Christmas SealGosh, those last two from the American Lung Association are almost bittersweet. Quick stir in a bit more merriment to the mix,

Christmas Seals!
From Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, 1964

Stickers from the 80’s

Some of these seals will be part of a gift, some will be used by the munchkins this year, some will be tucked back into the box,Favorite Setand some displayed, next to a pair of turquoise skis, of course.








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