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Coffee and a Book

Does your mind, maybe even your heart, ever ache for a creative spark, a unique perspective or something new to share or explore? Whether a topic, activity, or craft? I know I have. Time to snuggle up with a cup of coffee and a book.

Here are a quartet of intriguing titles. They caught my eye this week at the library and the bookstore. The inspiration must have truly been meaningful to include a motivation to publish.  Although not on any ‘must read book’ lists yet, they may jump-start an idea for you. Or at least cause you to jump . . .  Gotta appreciate innovation.

Baby OragamiPu Pu PlatterCat Felt? ? ? A peek inside:

I bet you’re heading to Amazon right now.

I introduced the chance for our Miss Kitten to ‘step of of her box’,  but the idea of collecting cat fur to felt was met with extreme trepidation. (On both her part and mine.)  Undaunted and lightly inspired, I will continue to look for an alternative creative spark. Kit-10What’s the most crazy/silly craft/project you’ve attempted or been inspired by?

Off to get a cup of coffee.

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