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Coincidence? I think not.

**this may fall under the pre-Halloween category of ‘oh ick’.  Beware.

Took awhile for the ol’ maternal radar to catch on, but I think I’ve been played by one of my angels.  Testing the goodness of my heart, or my distraction level, or most likely both.

Just realized after the back to school flurry of who is going where when and needs what, with who, and how much, then double it, that something unusual happened.  (Yes, it took me almost two months to catch up. An exponential equation must support sending four kids off to four different schools times five sports, two instruments + college apps.)  At the cusp of re-entry to the student zone, one munchkin asked me to ‘please check her ears’. Not a frequent occurrence; it’s our gentle(ish) code for peek to see if ear wax needs to be addressed. So she needed me and I was there for her. And then I left for more pleasant endeavors.

It’s reasonable request for the child who has spent a preponderance of time in the woods with limited facilities.  She was away for most of the summer as camp counselor. And about to return to school out of state. A coincidence that she asked? I think not. Now I realize it was to keep me out of a “Oh how I missed you” snuggle. Hey! And lightly gross me out. Ew! Ear wax, bleah.  Definitely a snuggle stopper. I was played, well-played.

But could that still count as quality time?

Just wait until Christmas break my pretty . . .

To counter any shiver you may have experienced, here’s a treat.  2003 Barista MugMy favorite Halloween mug. Made by Starbucks and picked up at a thrift store for .75¢.

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