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College Pennants. Big, small & a little different; just like schools.

Welcome to my Vintage College Pennant collection. The Princeton pennant is fragile and as fuzzy as an old, favorite sweater. CAM00620In grade school, I ate Wheaties and ate Wheaties to be able to redeem five box tops for the Washington pennant.  To reach my goal I had to convince my brother to eat Wheaties too (he was more of a Capt’n Crunch guy). Maybe some of the collection are souvenirs vs. school issued, as exact logo matches have proved difficult to find.  For example, there are many, many pennants for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and their history is well-documented, but I saw none with the same Gold Dome.CAM00619 I saw lots of tigers, but not a match for this Princeton Tiger. For a brief time, a USC pennant was also part of the collection; shhh. It was vintage and bargain priced. But to me it was not beautiful and certainly not useful–an  undercurrent of rivalry only allowed it to be hung in a closet. So my munchkin passed it on to a friend whose parents had met in the trombone section of the band in college (probably playing the ultra-monotonous Trojan march).

This lithographed metal trash can was a ‘gift with purchase’ at a low-key antique store I zip into once or twice a year.  ‘If you like it, please take it.’  Proprietor Bob has great stuff, and I think he may have used the phrase ‘man-tiques’ before The American Pickers. Bin 1 It is covered with a number of terrific schools. I did check to see if Harden-Simmons was a school or the craftily placed manufacturer of the can. It’s a university in Abilene, Texas. I also had a cardboard shirt box with same pennant pattern but never found a use for it.  With some reserve, I donated it back to the collegiate collectors universe.  Admittedly the can is very rusty inside, but a plastic trash can fits right in. Note: as you know, if you have gum chewers or Halloween candy hoarders, a liner is the way to go. The chair happens to be from the Electrical Engineering Department surplus at one of these schools, and my alma mater.  I know some EE majors, and it appears the curriculum was hard even on the furniture. But I’m sure the chair is currently happy to be back with a student at a desk. 

Rah Rah!



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