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Crank It Up

Tools with hand cranks and wooden knobs used by cooks to create something delicious.

Only one of these vintage items is in rotation in my kitchen.

apple 1

Has a bit of a medieval vibe . . . it’s an

apple 2

Apple Parer, Corer, Slicer

apple 3

Making multiple apple dishes using an apple parer, slicer and corer is not in the recipe cards for me.  I love the color, it’s metal, and is ultra sturdy and useful. But now headed via donation  to find a new kitchen to call home. Bonus, I found the original instructions in the boxes (and boxes and boxes) of papers from my family’s estate and included it with the peeler.  Pea 2This pea green pea sheller was unique, and it called to me, but I managed to leave it at the store. (Those frog feet, so cute.)

Pea 1Chopper 5

From the nuts point of viewchopper 4 Chopper 3

This worn wonky nut chopper is from my Grandmothers kitchen. The blades are a bit bent, and a few missing. I usually see one in similar condition when foraging for vintage treasures. And we still use it. Walnut vinaigrette salad is a family favorite. The chopper can be used with success by any family member. The results are the nowhere near uniform in size, but it makes for a tasty, crunchy salad.  Please pass the feta.


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