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Dear June Cleaver

Have you ever chuckled at an example of sassy retro housewife on a greeting card, magnet or coffee cup? I know I have.

When thinking of 1950’s housewives, June Cleaver is the TV ideal.  And the wackiness of Lucy & Ethel. What if you could ask June what life was like?  Using this crystal ball–a 1950 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine–let’s take a look.

I like the almonds sticking out of the peach on the right

I like the almonds sticking out of the peach on the right

The average family income was $3,300, the average car cost $1,510, and the median home price was $7,354.

As the phrase goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

1950 Tide ad 1950 Hotpoint washer adIs doing the dishes ever this thrilling? 1950 water heater ad1950 garbage disposal ad I’m seeing the inspiration for the current parodies.

Maybe something was in that Kellogg’s PEP cereal1950 Kelloggs adNow we want to add 1000 steps a day.

1950 American Sink ad

For about an average monthly salary, you could get a new range,

What? No pumps?

What? No pumps?

Or buy this,1950 GE TV adand be ready to meet Lucy Ricardo in 1951 and June Cleaver  in  “Leave It To Beaver”  in 1957.

And what about the guys?1950 Certo Ad 1950 Aluminum Window adDoes the 1950 homemaker ever get out of the suburbs?1950 7-Up ad1950 Florida Juice ad1950 Dundee Towels adYes!

And that wraps up our trip to 1950. The magazine was a thrifting find, with the original .25¢ receipt tucked inside.1950 Receipt for BHG

($3,300 in 1950 would be approximately $32,500 in 2015.)


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