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Deep In The Heart of Texas

The tune “Deep in the Heart of Texas” always makes me want to tap my toes, or even let out a whoop, and a clap. (And, please keep in mind I’m a water-logged Northwesterner. )

 The stars at night are big and bright
Deep in the heart of Texas
The prairie sky is wide and high
Deep in the heart of Texas

It’s a popular and well-known song from 1941, but it is not the Lone Star state song. Neither is the familiar 1858 tune “The Yellow Rose of Texas“. I was a bit surprised to discovery this. “Texas, Our Texas“, a spunky march-y tune from 1929 is the Texas State song.

Anyway, I was humming “Deep in the Heart of Texas” when I bought this back-to-school gift. It’s for the daughter of one of my friends, who will be attending the University of Texas Law School.  (Go Miss B!)  Did you know you can mail many (safe) items, and if labeled correctly with appropriate postage affixed?  Yes, you can send off a quirky non-traditional package.  I have sent coconuts as birthday greetings. Such a fun nutty option to change things up a bit.

Texas Gift 1

Smart, capable, but with a sense of humor, student Miss B can take an out-of-the-box joke, so we sent an ‘out of the box’ gift. My sweet baby wrapped it and sealed it to be mailed.  Almost 22″ and 1″ thick, glimmering in taped aluminum foil, it’s a familiar shape, so what is it? It will add to Miss B’s new kitchen, and be an easily portable Texas memory after graduation.  OK, one lucky Longhorn will have a Texas shaped cutting board. Sturdy and dishwasher safe. Just a bit sassy. Perfect. Practical too, as you can’t really slice limes or chop garlic on a diploma. So we are sending a little bit of our hearts to Texas, where the stars at night–and in the law school–are big and bright.

The employee at the post office treated our shiny, silver, shaped package without a question, or even a glimpse of a smile. And I had my charming, sparkly eyed assistant with me. Carpe Diem dude, we’re mailing Texas to Texas. He was as ho-hum about it as a brown paper envelope going ground to Detroit. (Maybe he should hum a few Texas tunes.) Doesn’t matter, because it was FUN, & it made us happy to make her happy.   Happy Fall Semester! Now what else can we wrap? . . .


Giddy up and give it a try too!

{nifty button}and snaps for me, can finally add buttons!

2 Thoughts on “Deep In The Heart of Texas

  1. What a cute gift…and I didn’t know you could mail it like that. Crazy. I live in Texas…and I want one ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

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