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Derby Days

In honor of the Kentucky Derby, please muddle the mixings for a mint julep and join me for an equine collection.Rosette

Horseshoe detail 1

All the best things together: patina, handmade, horse.

Stirrup detail

Stirrup (aka paperweight) detail.

OK, I’m stopping now because I’m starting to annoy myself as I keep zipping into the girls rooms and out and back again, oh another horse thing, here and here and  . . .

But it was a worthwhile jaunt, I forgot things can be in tins,

More tins!

Still a few needles in the Victor tin, however no Sucrets.

OK, back to Churchill Downs, Kentucky. Each year we all pick a horse to cheer for at the Derby, using not the most rigorous of methodologies.  So how successful are our predictions? As a family of six each with a pick, the odds are in our favor and often result in the winners circle.  Plus we have an almost 100% success rate for family time on race day.

Some of the variables in considered, in no particular order:

  • longest shot
  • horses that run with their tongues out
  • girl power (rare in all categories: female horse, jockey, trainer or owner)
  • horses that look happy (same for trainers, owners and jockeys)
  • prettiest silks
  • the current odds favorite (ahem, classic pick for thing 1)
  • favorite number
  • height, horse or jockey, whether tall or short for their field
  • best name
  • good manners (not kicking, biting, or rearing horse, or in interviews for humans)
  • horses with an extra special story. The 2014 favorite, California Chrome, was bought for just $8,000 and has a 77 year old trainer who has never had a Derby starter. Wicked Strong was renamed in 2013 honor victims of the Boston Marathon, and will donate 5% of prize money to One Fund.

Just learned these two racing tips:

  • Most tracks use standard set of colors for saddle cloth numbers, #1=red, #2=white.  A glimpse of the saddle cloth could help find your pony pal during the race. Saddle Cloths
  • Family members have also been known to employ the ‘what is your favorite color horse‘ technique.  Track tidbit: A white horse has never won the Derby, and this is the 140th year.  Less than 8% of horses are white. Gray Thoroughbreds turn whiter with age, and the Derby field is three year olds.

So saddle up and have a lovely first weekend in May.  Best of luck to all.

 Triple Crown: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes

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