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Determination. How does it look from up there?

Have you ever been encouraged to try a rock climbing wall, parkour or–in your youth–scale a tall tree? Hey, interesting, kind of fun, I CAN do it, even exhilarating.  Those feelings may change when you have to go back down.  Then it can be a bit more challenging, or even terrifying.

Proportionally, it took a great deal of determination to approach this row of trees and begin to ascend. CAM01189

Imagine our buddy below; can you see him?


He has climbed quite a few feet above the ground for his feat, even though he has no feet!


Granted he is sticky, but what a climb! And now what?  Pretty significant achievement, you know, for a snail!

The view from the snails perspective shows that yes, it is a looooong way down.   And still a almost equal distance up to climb to reach a branch, hopefully with some freshly opened (and tasty) leaves.


A simple creature determined and exhibiting some chutzpah.

this is my takeaway after spotting this guy

A) Yea for you, but keep away from my yard. Any slug friends too. . .


B) Bravo!  Step out of your box; get as close as you can to wings or whatever makes you happy.

Be determined to try something new.

Hold on and make a Plan.




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