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Don’t Put All Your Laundry in One Basket

Laundry day. Which with four kids is pretty much another term for everyday here. Not that the laundry is sorted and/or put away in a timely manner, but it is clean.

Ever hopeful, I like to think of the hum of the washer and dryer as my children’s nightly lullaby. Kind of like employing the feng shui of a soothing fountain, running first through a Maytag.

Not that it would change the tide of our laundry in any way, but I have coveted large folding, rolling wire baskets for a while now.  Like this one, which is not mine. Yet.

Folding laundry hamper

Seeing one in an antique store or flea market is a treat until spying (more often than not) the “NFS” tag. I understand the “not for sale” part, as the basket is doing a darn good job of storing or displaying something. Which is exactly why I want one.

However, I quenched my quest at a recent estate sale. Almost. I found this darling placebo folded against a wall in the basement. (Not exactly a surprise location wise, but that it was still available at the end of a busy, busy sale was.) Hmmm, not what I had in mind, but pretty darn close. When I opened it up, I could sense a ‘how did I miss that?’ moment for the others in the basement with me.

Vintage and folding. Light as a feather and sturdy. I could think of many potential uses.  A place to stow blankets and throws in the family room, flip-flops in the garage, extra towels or maybe the entire Costco package of TP  in the bathroom.  Yes, I got it.

With side pockets too.

With side pockets too.

Ta-da, isn’t it cute?

I’m just kidding about a mound of TP, though it is tempting.  Meanwhile, I saw this at an antique mall when out and about last week.Mall Folding Laundry BasketAnd it was for sale.Detail Laundry Tag$60

A small happy dance ensued as I realized the one I bought was in better condition, and even better, a super bargain at just $5.

Are we using the fabulous folding find? Yes we are. Crazy as it may seem, we using the laundry basket for—-laundry.

Munchkin #4 has it set in her room for nightly two-point shot practice at jammy time.  Score! In more ways than one.

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