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Hole-y Collection

Collection of colanders. Mostly vintage.  Some have been holding things up for the better part of 60+ years, very useful.

Star 3Colander buddiesBonus Collection! Perhaps a bit autumnal for the last week of summer. But here it is, pounds and pounds of fresh produce after a run to the fruit market today.  Think of it this display as a ‘temporary installation’.  I know I do.  I was compelled to take a picture because in just a few days the colanders will be empty. The kids will power through like locusts. Especially the Honeycrisp apples.  I know I am lucky that my family will consume fresh fruits and veggies, but a fairly wide variety too. (Although kale and eggplant need not apply.) Any carrots offered, will be consumed (not pictured, already in the frig). The sweet, sweet potato will become divine baked/fries. Cucumbers (also in fridge) will be peeled and grazed upon with bit of hummus, or yellow mustard.

I quite enjoy the variety of patterns  in something as basic as a strainer. A little pizzazz added to a utilitarian item. I have colanders with different 5 and 6 point stars, bursts, classic dots, triangles and hearts. Who wouldn’t be smitten? Admittedly, it is a bulky item to collect, but we use them frequently.  I may look longingly at new brightly colored enamel colanders, and I have been able to resist. So far. . .reduce. . .reuse. . .

Here is the ‘natural habitat’ for the colanders, filled with fruits and veggies at use on the pantry shelf.

Pantry shelfGuest appearance by curious kitten. (little white and gray ears are not a pantry staple.)

Less than four hours later.

4 hours later

almost empty

The large bunch of grapes, the biggest tomato, all of the orange pepper and one honeycrisp are already history tonight. I do not know what parents of boys must do!

Something so simple makes me smile.  colanders 2

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