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Earth Hour, March 29

We try to reduce/reuse/recycle, and make choices to help protect the Earth’s resources a priority. OK, reusable TP isn’t ever going to catch on here, but we are trying.

Around the world, people will be turning off their lights at 8.30 pm this Saturday. Iconic buildings and landmarks around the world participate in this hour of darkness too.  It’s the annual Earth Hour Celebration. Started by the WWF in Sydney in 2007.

It’s become one of our favorite hours together as a family (and just one place, at one time can be an achievement.)  We (shudder) turn off the lights, phones, TV, and computers. Enjoy Earth Hour!  Create a family game night, light candles, play cards, chess or checkers.  This special hour can connect us to the Earth and to our roots. Get out old photo albums of your babies, you as a baby, or even another generation back and share the laughs, history and stories. Also, while not quite ‘green’, we enjoy the muted rainbow of glow necklaces and bracelets. (Can also be used for hide and seek in the dark. Try it outside, fun.) If you have hand-cranked flashlights it’s an opportune time to test them too. If there are chips, my tribe will remain in any group; never underestimate the power of a snack.  60 minutes of such simple actions show your support of the Earth, and are an opportunity for time with your family while they are at long last disconnected. Two magnificent gifts.

Do you have plans Earth Hour 2014?    Enjoy.

Sydney 2011 Earth Day AP Photo

Sydney 2011 Earth Day AP Photo

Take a look outside or around wherever you are at about 9:00 pm, and see if there is a difference. It’s amazing to be in a moment that starts inside you home and spreads across the world. The feeling of worldwide camaraderie, and acknowledgement of the Earth, is quite moving.

KualaLumpur2011 AP photo

Kuala Lumpur 2011 AP photo

Some people enjoy Earth Hour with a candle-lit dinner,  a candle-lit bath, or darkness dessert so no-one can see how big your serving may be. Some families, friends, and neighborhoods may host large events or parties, either in darkness or with candles, to celebrate Earth Hour.

If Las Vegas can do it for an hour, you can too.

Las Vegas 2013 AP Photo

2013 AP Photo

Moscow, the Kremlin and Red Square did it in 2013. Monopoly in the dark is sounding kind of fun now, isn’t it?

New Delhi Earth Hour 2012

New Delhi Earth Hour 2012

I wish you a wonderful Earth Hour. As I am about to push publish, and in New Zealand, it’s starting in about 5 minutes!

Be a part of it.


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