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I’m egg-cited to announce the end of a vintage quest. Fairly low key, yet for me exciting. (It’s the little things.)

This is a “family piece” (aka rescued from an old box in my grandparents basement). Plastic, simple, utilitarian. Why was an old egg drawer saved? Who knows. At least it wasn’t the entire refrigerator.)

Vintage Plastic Fridge Egg HolderMod, aqua, spunky.  It called to me.

However, I do not have a need to store additional eggs in the fridge.  (Although the hubby wouldn’t mind having additional bacon on hand. Nice try. Admittedly, over the years I’ve seen many positive responses to Top Chef/Food Network challenges if some form of bacon is a component.  Bacon ice cream comes to mind. But I digress.)

This egg container had been in the basement for decades, then traveled 600 miles in a cardboard moving box, and into the dishwasher where it cleaned up very nicely.  And, back to a plastic storage box. I’ve pondered possible new uses for it multiple times, yet could not come up with one.  (It’s been almost three years.) More than once when trolling the house & garage for items to donate/purge, it has been in my hand.  And then, back to the box. It’s aqua and in perfect condition. I’ll admit I’ve developed an attachment. Many vintage items have been repurposed in our home but I was truly flummoxed with this. (Again, the hubs prefers when I listen to my “let it go” voice vs. my “it’s cool, let’s keep it” voice. Cough cough–a certain beautiful yet cumbersome English antique armoire not quite living up to its potential comes to mind. . . )

This month the egg tray made a trip back to the kitchen, and again through the dishwasher. Inspiration had to be around the corner. Round and round and round. And at long long last, the “aha moment” arrived.

Welcome to my daughters new nail polish caddy.

Upcycled Nail Polish Caddy 1The colors of the rainbow all in one place. No more tipping bottles stashed in carpeted bedrooms.

Plus it fits into one of the bathroom drawers. Perfectly sized, easy to transport for manis & pedis as needed.  Upcycled Egg tray to Nail Polish Caddy 2So happy to finally find a use in our home for this vintage tray.  Maybe it was saved because my grandmother liked it just as much as I do.  Not exactly earth shattering, but I feel even a simple reuse is honoring the piece.


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One Thought on “Egg-citement

  1. Eggplant on 5 February, 2015 at 7:34 pm said:

    Worth the wait! Eggs-actly what was needed for eggs-cellent organizing.

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