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Fortified for the Holiday

As I was about to sauté celery, onion, green apple and mushrooms for an almost classic bread stuffing, I decided to use one of my grandparents skillets.  Adding a bit of iron to a day full of treats, and a generational link to Thanksgiving.

Then as Gru from “Despicable Me” would say, “Light bulb!” I have a collection of cast iron skillets. Old, old, old.  All passed down from family. They have a nice spot, but they don’t get out much with the Calphalon competition.  I grabbed the stack initially with one hand.  Oy. Heavy! A collection and a workout.Skillets 1My grandmother taught me to make scrambled eggs using the smallest pan and one egg. My first “real cooking” experience. I can remember being about as tall as the electric stove, and standing on tippy toes to look in the pan.  Not sure how many eggs we cracked practicing first. Now having a flashback holding an empty shell, with egg on the counter. Maybe that was why it was only one egg?

I made scrambled eggs for the tribe in the largest pan earlier this month.  Yummy, but it was a bear to clean. Tried a kosher salt scrub with success.   Also a lesson in conductivity as am not used to a hot pan handles, ouch.


A little bit of family history nested together.

Cooking with a wee bit of butter today (fine, a cube), so that should help the season the pan. Plus, I’ve now read to clean cast iron while the pan is still warm. Another light bulb.

Now with the post title you may have thought I was using this recipe.


 Happiest to You!

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