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Fur Real II


An inherited fur coat.

It was purchased for the bitterly cold Chicago winters.  Probably had a turn in New York and Denver too during the 40’s and 50’s.  Appropriate for the time and place.  (Remember smoking was chic in then too.)

It’s been in storage for a long, long, long time (read: decades).

Should one of us end up at a wintertime function in say sub-zero Minneapolis, could it be worn with a pin that says, ‘This is vintage”?  Possible, but nope.

I tried it on, it was like being hugged by someone you can’t see, bulky and heavy. Admittedly, the coat is also warm and soft. Like a kitten. Because it IS like a kitten. Yikes. And we’re back to not wearing.  We are comfortable in polar fleece. North Face vs. With a Face.

This well-made coat has been waiting for a purpose for a generation. And I have been pushing it farther back in the spare room closet.  So many other things to sort, share, save and discard.  But it was time. As much as I enjoy Macklemore, I did not want to send it to the thrift shop.  How to be a non-fur family respectfully addressing a furry heirloom, and keep it out of any ketchup?

I found a fantastic resource for recycling furs to help animals! Coats for Cubs is a partnership with the Humane Society and Buffalo Exchange vintage clothing stores.

The annual Coats for Cubs fur drive encourages the donation of fur items to aid in the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned animals across the United States. Donated furs are collected and shipped to animal rehabilitation units where they are disassembled and used as bedding to provide a more natural and nurturing environment for injured and orphaned wildlife. Because the furs are disassembled, the condition of the fur contribution is unimportant. However, real furs are preferred by both the rehab facilities and the animals.

Thanks for your input!

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