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Get to the Point

Cast iron, steel, made in the USA, detailed, useful,Point 1But what is it?

A classic vintage desk accessoryPoint 2A collection of Receipt Holders, Receipt Spindles, Bill Spikes, or those sharp pointy things.Point 3 Point 4

While more modern options exist, these remain a fine receptacle for receipts, keeping them collected in chronological order.

point in use

The point in use.

Here’s an IKEA versionSwedish point

And one antique wall mounted promotional item.

Potlatch point

Thinking about receipts (can I ever spell that correctly the first time? . . .) might make you think about taxes.  If so, sorry!

So let’s segue back to points, here a different type of my favorite points,”The Point!” by Harry Nilsson.  Imagine my surprise to find I still had this album.  I bought it secondhand in college, yes it was old then. But there it was, with the dozen or so remaining albums sentimentally but unceremoniously kept in a box in the garage. Right next to the Beatles, good place to be. Let it be? Any hoo,

Introduced as a fable via album in 1971, and later animated, features the story of Oblio and his trusty dog Arrow. It has a sweet message about determination and discrimination, albeit psychedelic. Try listening on a road trip. (Not on an acid trip as Mr. Nilsson was when he was inspired, according to Wikipedia.)

Oblio and Arrow from album

Oblio and Arrow from album

from the film

From the story, Arrow is “The greatest dog in the world” and the song Me and My Arrow is a still fave.

If I had a dog, I would name him Arrow, and he would probably have a buddy named Chester, but that’s different story.

 Now did I ever really get to the point? . . .

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