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Giddy Up

A (mini) collection of vintage saddle soap tins. I love all things equine and have a soft spot for metal containers, so these tins are win win. Most recent addition is from this weekend.

Propert's Saddle SoapEsquire Saddle SoapFiebing's Saddle SoapSo, how many saddles do we have? Well, at this time zero.  Saddle Soap TinsBut I do get to visit saddles (& horses) every so often.  I’ll wrap up by sharing this Alf-look-alike photo of my buddy Rio. (18+ hands tall, part Percheron, curious and extremely handsome.) I was trying to get a photo of how enormous he is, but he had other ideas.

Any chance your phone is carrot flavored?

Any chance your phone is carrot flavored?

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.
Winston Churchill

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