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Girl Scout Badge

What’s this?CAM00672 It’s freshly earned Girl Scout Drawing Badge.  The troop visited the museum Saturday with hands on art projects and presentation from a mixed media artist using recycled items.

It reminded me of a collection that hangs out in our office.  Scouts and students may have used these to create masterpieces too.

What other classic art project elements could be added? Elmer’s glue, scotch tape and macaroni, beads, yarn, more glue, Playdoh, glitter if at someone elses house, oh and popsicle sticks.  We have all of that too, but not vintage.  Not sure how I’d feel about really old glue. . .


Feel inspired to break out the googly eyes?

And look, patches are now iron on. Whoever initiated that earns a badge from me.CAM00669

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