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Gone Fishing

Icelandic króna coins. Current currency, but oh so cute.CAM01860Do you sea the theme?

The Icelandic króna exchange rate is approximately 117 krónur to $1, or 154 krónur to 1 Euro.CAM01847Most likely will be the only time I will spend 2,000 of any currency on a T-shirt, unless using Indonesian Rupiahs which are approximately 9,725 Rp to $1.

Photo by IZ

OK, the post title was really a hook.  I haven’t fished since leaving single digit birthdays.

Just using the guideline ‘three or more of anything is a collection’.

But if dolphin coins (puffins, volcanoes or hot springs) are tempting you, Icelandair will get you there and beyond.

Routemap IcelandairFarið veiði!   (Gone fishing in Icelandic)

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