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Happiness c/o the Mailbox


What’s awesome?

Seeing an item featured or highlighted in a ‘fresh from the mailbox’ magazine, and HAVING that collectible.


My train keys on the left; Country Living magazine railroad feature on the right

Yippee and yahoo. A collecting high five!  (May also insert pack-rat, thrifting junkie, or lifestyle maven for ‘collecting’.)CAM00736Where do these brass train keys live?  It was a bit of a challenge to find a way to use them since the nearest train station is miles away. Took some mental marinating to come up with this solution. By hanging the engineers key chain, I hung a little painting from it. One less hole in the wall plus it displays the keys. CAM00717

These three keys are from the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway, Colorado & Southern Railway, and the Sante Fe Railways. From the early to mid 1900’s. I have an additional Great Northern key. I did have a few more but traded for other treasures.

(Looks cute in real life. Please pardon limited photo skills, but you are welcome to be amazed that I got this post completed same day as the mail. I know, babysteps. )

This post is a nod to a favorite site of mine for a smile or pick me up, it’s Awesome.

I hope you can come up with some Awesome examples too.

I’m so happy I’m linking up to Wow us Wednesdays


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