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Happy Birthday Smokey Bear, & A Wish

Smokey Bear’s 70th birthday was August 9th.  Sorry to be a bit tardy,  however I do believe in birthday week.  Let’s celebrate Smokey Bear’s milestone birthday and years of service. (In 1952 a song was written called “Smokey the Bear”, adding “the” helped the rhythm.)

 Smokey handed this out in 1971, teaching boys and girls about forest resources and safety

1971 Guide for Boys and Girls

Smokey Bear Story of Forest 2Smokey Bear Story of Forest 4

Smokey Bear Story of Forest 3

Smokey Bear Pencil

Smokey Bear Pencil

On his birthday, I bet Smokey Bear wished for rain. And for continued strength, safety and support for those battling blazes in the West.

Have to take off my birthday hat now. As lovely as the vintage graphics are, the message remains very real. As of today, 8.13.14, there are 43 wildfires burning.  Over 700,000 acres have burned this summer. Devastating.

Photo: Michael Stanford, July 2014, Washington

from the National Interagency Fire Center

Daily statistics 8/13/14
Number of new large fires 4 States currently reporting large fires:
California (11)
Idaho (5)
Montana (3)
Oregon (10)
Washington (10)
Number of active large fires 39
Acres from active fires 717,660
Fires contained since 8/12/14 4

Washington has finally had some precipitation this week.

Thanks Smokey Bear.

Posted by L. Fitzmaurice, July 2014, Washington

In summers past, I have seen the haze and smoke from forest fires in Washington, Idaho and Montana, and am fortunate to have never experienced an actual blaze.  My wish is the same as Smokey’s.

1944 Debut

2 Thoughts on “Happy Birthday Smokey Bear, & A Wish

  1. It is amazing how many fires burn each year. I paid extra close attention last year as my son was on a forest fire crew for the summer. A super hard job and very rewarding for him. Every since, fires have been on my radar much more…hoping Smokey gets that message across strong and clear. (now if he only could do something about lightning strikes)

    • What a wonderful and brave way to serve during the summer. Yes enough of the lightning, amazing to see but dangerous. A true Washingtonian, I’d welcome some rain.

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