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Happy Hour

Pink elephants have inspired me, time for a Happy Hour collection.

It’s five o’clock somewhere, so let’s begin.

A saved cocktail napkin, best guess it’s from the 1950s. Must have been a special evening to be tucked away in a book. Yet lightly concerning, as it was held, and apparently used. Or maybe just an elephant admirerer.

Pink Elephants Cocktail Napkin 3 of 4

Seeing pink elephants? They’re located in every corner.  Which may have inspired the printer to imbibe, as the two ink colors are more than a bit cattywampus.

Not quite a Mad Men vibe, maybe Ward and June on a night out on Leave it to Beaver or Samantha and Darren from Bewitched.  

Ready to paint the town pink?

Cocktail napkins have many sassy/charming options to add to hostess gifts. Vintage ones are doubly fun. From my current stash, 50¢ was estate sale price, and the original Hallmark price.  Beautiful (-ish) & usefulHallmark Vintage Cocktail Napkins

Or maybe drinks and dancing are more your style,

Drinks & Dancing. Detail from vintage menu.

1950’s Menu Detail.

This menu has options from an olive, pimento and ham sandwich, to a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. All for $2.50 or less. Quite the fine evening if it you had a few bucks and B.Y.O.B.

Swizzle sticks. Fun to say, easy to use.

Vintage Swizzle Sticks

I have downsized sets of stir sticks to more simple/bare-bones proportions. The TWA propeller is one of my faves. (Also, my husbands shot glass collection has been *edited* over time to a fine few–keyword few.  Shhhh)

 Ready for a Mai-Tai or a Screaming Red Zombie? Perfect for using these ginormous parasols!

Ginormous Vintage Party Parasols.

Some party animals prefer to kick back at home.

The Mellow option

And some do not.

If noon is your guideline, (vs. 5 pm), this slightly more intense happy hour item may be right up your alley,

The Viking Option

An evil Czech

A gift (?) from my sweet college daughter.  Always thinking of her mother.  May have had one, or two, opportunities to use this in college. Before heading to the library, of course.  (Unfortunately, my daughters need to know it is not safe to leave ANY drink unattended and open items your own beverages.  Still can be happy, but also prudent.)

I need to add a photo of an Anacin tin and a glass of water. Or perhaps an Alka Seltzer, just in case for the morning.

Until next time. Cheers!

This is potentially the first in a series.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I have a few things squirreled away that fall within the Happy Hour category.  Less sassy/more genteel items, such as my grandparents monogrammed sherry set.  Or not. Meet ya back here later? 

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