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Havana Tobacciana

I was just about to title this post “Up in Smoke”, then had to take moment to rethink it. Not quite right. “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” or “Burning Desire”? Nope. nope, nope.  Stinky habit with cool old containers? Not sassy enough. So what does the title rhyme mean?

A collection of cigar boxes.

La Galencia 1 Dick Raggo 1 Little Bobbie 1 Roi Tan 1

Price Detail 4

Price to be more than .08¢ and less than .15¢

The rakish swagger of these Dick Raggo images reminds me of the Dos Equis ads with “The Most Interesting Man in the World”.  Plus, I’m thinking that is the first time I’ve ever really used the adjective ‘rakish’.

From the Cigar Makers’ International Union of America certification, ” . . . for the advancement of the moral, material and intellectual welfare of the craft.”  Box seal details:

My, but I loathe cigars, just a whiff gives me an almost instant headache.  (If the aroma is so enjoyable, why not keep the car windows rolled up? Oh that demon nicotine.) OK, now I’m giving myself a headache. Back to collecting. I do love cigar boxes. Alas, this next box met with a roll of  contact paper at some point.  Most likely the 1970’s. It’s now holding sewing notions.  (A little surprised I remembered this box since  my (limited) sewing skills are so very seldom called into action.)

Mystery BoxThese two below have fabulous graphics, but alas no lids.

Roi Tan topless

Owl 1

Owl 2

Is this a wise perch?

Hotel N 2What’s on other side of this card that suggests a moment of contemplation?

Wines, Liquors and Cigars.

Hotel N 1

Maybe one of these boxes was purchased at the Hotel Northern.

Notice the phone number–just one digit!

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