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Here Kitty Kitty

And I am probably not alone in this experience, so thought I would share.

Nothing like a drive on a summer day. . . . sunroof open, two happy kids chatting in the car on the way back from an engaging activity and headed for a playdate. Fun!

Unless, while on the curving, tree-lined road, you see something is in the middle of it . . . and your child glimpses it too.

Mommy! Was that a Kitty?! Did you see it? Can we stop and go back?  I think it might need help.

Oh my. Yes I saw it.  Poor thing, an ever so freshly flattened opossum.  And yes I am trying to retain my stomach contents after just driving past it, which will not be the case if we return to ‘help’.  It did deserve the dignity of a burial, or a scrape from the road. But weighing the potential trauma of actually seeing the ‘kitty’ for both the kids and I, stopping was not a prudent option.

No sweetie, that was not a kitty, it was a opossum from the woods.  He must have tried to cross the road earlier. And Honey? Well, um, sorry but it is too late to stop and help.  I am proud of you for wanting too.

Ah, summer, always a new memory.

Sorry for any post related queasiness.

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