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Hey, That’s Grate!

A collection of  graters.

Vintage Bakelite

Bakelite handle

Beautiful, useful and old. Trifeca.

I think is maybe one of those items with a regional difference, so maybe for you it’s shredders.

The set of vintage Wonder graters belonged to my grandmother and it wasn’t until now that I found that they are designed to snugly fit together. How convenient! Now I will stop tossing to the back of the cabinet.  The IKEA grater is new, and a fave with in our kitchen.

One maternal ‘aha moment’ occurred when I realized that after a rambunctious toddler meal, or I-can-do-it-myself kid prep cook, that waiting to clean is so much easier. Wiping shredded cheese from the floor would just mush into a messier cheesy spread. But after shredded cheese has dried a bit (OK, 20 minutes not days) it wipes or swiffers right up. End of frustration.  (Please remember four kids, so even a simple victory is welcome.) Of course, would have been moot if we had a dog . . .

I am including “Zesty” because while quite ugly, he does a terrific job of creating tiny aromatic ribbons every time.


 Have a hankering for French Onion soup? Here’s a great grater for the Gruyère.

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

― Marcel Proust




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