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Holiday Comforts

What’s more comforting than snuggling up with a pillow & some mac n cheese with friends around for a quiet moment this week?

Antique Crazy Christmas Pillow

Xmas Pillow

Turns out the Xmas abbreviation has been around for centuries.

Vintage Mac AttackMac n Peanuts1

Mac n Peanuts2


Macaroni and Cheese?  Yes, yes, an obscure item to save.  Kind of out of the box, yet, well actually in the box. Requested by one of the munchkins in 1999, and I bought it but never made it. My experience has been novelty shaped noodles (Jack o’lanterns, Scooby Doo, etc.) while cute, are never quite slurped up with the same enthusiasm as classic elbow or spiral shapes.  We did an edit/downsize this fall for one of the kids’ ‘keep forever’ boxes, and this was in it. Surprise.  So Snoopy has not been in with the Christmas decorations, just making an encore appearance for 2013.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

PS. Amazon and Ebay actually have collectible (old) boxes of Mac n Cheese for sale. Any ‘I’m not crazy’ moment is always appreciated. Ho Ho Ho.

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