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House Hunters International (Kinda) Part 1

How about House Hunters for the fictional, vertically challenged, hirsute-footed customer?

This is a guest post of sorts.  After a semester studying in Australia, my daughter traveled for three weeks up, down, across and around.  Visiting amazing beaches, cities, and forests all while consuming multiple PB&Js. Trip of a lifetime with friends for a lifetime. She has agreed to share some of her photos.  I agreed not to be too jealous.

So back to faux House Hunters. This episode is set in Matamata, North Island, New Zealand. A lovely setting on a lake, and the Hobbiton movie set. Let’s head to the Shire and take a peek.

Hobbition view(As Hobbits are no more than four feet tall, we won’t be squeezing inside. )

Hobbiton House 1 detail 6Hobbiton House 1 detail 3Hobbiton House 1 Hobbiton House 3 detail Hobbiton House 5 Hobbiton House 8 Hobbiton House7

**The large oak tree above  was cut down nearby and the pieces were moved to the set and reassembled. Hand-painted leaves were imported from Taiwan, and attached to revive it’s majestic stature.

The Shire 3House Hunters episodes include the “decision discussion”. Time to narrow down to top home choices, so we’ll head to the Green Dragon Inn.

On House Hunters, you often get a peek of the surrounding area. Let’s see what else the North Island has to offer.

Mount Doom for Middle Earth. Mount Ngauruhoe for humans

Mount Doom for Middle Earth. Mount Ngauruhoe for humans

This photo from the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.  This day long hike features volcanic hazard zones, glacier carved valleys, and intensely colored lakes.

NZ lake 1  Tongariro Alpine CrossingNZ lake 2  Tongariro Alpine CrossingGlow worms are real (!) and unique to New Zealand. And they do glimmer, my daughter gave a thumbs up review for the tour at the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. (Link for info & stunning photos. Yes, stunning photos of worms!)

The following photos are from an active geothermal area called Wai-o-tapu, Māori for “sacred waters”. (My future engineer has an interest in geology, so a lot of rock shots.)wai o tapu, geothermal park NZ 1wai o tapu, geothermal park NZ 3Have to remind myself that this is not a movie set.

Cathedral Cove 2 The Coromandel Peninsula, North Island, NZ

Cathedral Cove. OK  fine, used in the movie “Prince Caspian”

Back to the “house decision” in Matamata, what did they choose?Hobbiton Garden 1Hobbiton House 2Sun and a garden. Good choice fictional Hobbit family.

The shire is so enchanting, and I haven’t read or watched the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Must be incredible for fans.

Thanks for the pics Banana. I hope to be able to add my own someday.

Thanks Banana



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