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I Can See You

Of course I can’t actually  see you, but I can share a collection of vintage eye wear.

First, a classic pair of spectacles.Vintage Gold Framed BifocalsA basic item, bifocals like these were worn by many. Love the details and patina. The frame is delicate, yet the glass lenses are fairly heavy. The prescription is so strong it makes me dizzy.

Who knows how many times the thin, thin gold wires with a tiny bit of etching were tucked behind ears at the start of the day.

And this pair?

vintage climbing goggles 3

Vintage climbing goggles. (Admittedly these are sitting upside down, but flipping the photo gave a slight sensation of vertigo . . . I probably shouldn’t have tried on the first pair of glasses.)

This view should help.

vintage climbing goggles 2

These nimbly fold to fit in your backpack until needed. Peripheral vision is key, and the four lenses protect your eyes. (Thanks to the model.)

This pair of spectacles belonged to my grandfather, they are frightfully horrid when worn by anyone else, but he looked wise and welcoming. Probably because he was.

Vintage glasses Lester 1Like many folks who experienced the Great Depression, he kept things forever.

Vintage glasses Lester 2, practical

And my favorite pair. When I found these I pictured a dapper motorist out for a drive in a horseless carriage.

Antique Kings Safety Goggles 1

Or maybe I was just thinking of Professor Caractacus Potts, out for a spin in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Anyhoo, these safety goggles are over one hundred years old, and they still have an aura of cool.

Mesh sides, moving parts, and funky nose pads; this collection makes my heart sing. Plus if cars do start to fly, I’ll be ready for a convertible.

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