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I Heart Macklemore

I certainly offer hearty congratulations for quite the year in music to Ben and Ryan.  But nope, not a Grammy post. This is more of a segue on the topic of popping tags . . .

An unplanned thrifting peek lead to a moment for me akin to seeing a unicorn or the Loch Ness monster. Formerly just an urban (OK, suburban) myth.  I’ve read about it, I wanted to believe, but remained skeptical. But a long last–when I was not looking for it–there it was.  The exceptionally wonderfully cool item on consignment.

Now I have found some terrific treasures scouring about, but never clothes. I’ve have seen designer items. Were they still in spectacular condition? Not so much. I’ve read of Burberry scarves, exquisite cashmere sweaters, or Hunter rubber boots found by others. The closest I’ve come would be a linen tablecloth.

The store that lured me in for just before closing time had furniture and household items. My ‘usual’. But upon entering, half of the store was clothing. I was about to jet out with six minutes to spare when a pair of Tory Burch boots caught my eye.  Excellent condition. Alas, not my size. But I looked, and then I saw it.

A Spyder ski jacket. (The company makes garments for the U.S. Ski Team.)  A coat was needed in our household, and the teen munchkin who need it it was there with me to try it on.  (I’m guessing I’m not the only mom to have to return an item after a ho-hum reception, with or without eye-roll.)  How perfect was it? The hood looked good on, now that’s an achievement. The silica packets were still in the pockets, the fabric inside and out appears new new new.  So many bells and whistles, like a mini pocket sized just for chapstick.  The garment was finished flawlessly. Only the inside label kept it from being reversible right then and there.

The fit was divine, the coat made her smile.

For the most part, I am not an impulse shopper. I like to mull. The store was closing in minutes.  Was this recycle/thrifting mini-miracle actually happening to me?! OK, us?  The elusive real deal, a high quality item at an excellent price? Yes!

It fit like it was made for her, and I’m thinking it was. So we got it.

My self imposed reality TV-like challenge left me no time to even Google in the store, but I did later that night.  Turns out it was the consignment price was an even better value than I expected, 90% off retail.  A screaming great deal. And I might have in the car on the way home . . . just a little scream. Superb item at an amazing price? I’m a believer.  Happiness abounds! Now, who’s up for a trip to the Paris flea markets to see if my luck holds. . .


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