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I Saw Three Ships (Vintage Christmas Cards Set 2)

Vintage Christmas Cards  – Ships, all early 1940’s

Card 1. From a member of the US Naval Academy

Porthole Peek

Detail of embossed porthole peek.

Card 2. Hand-tied bow, embossed ship, also from a Navy pen-pal. Xmas 3a

Xmas 3b

Bow detail

Xmas 3c


Xmas 3d

Love the font

Card 3. Also from a USN member. Ship 3a Ship 3bThere is a War on people, what’s with the gentle glances at elegantly presented schooners?


OK, Three ships, and a compass.  Card 4 seemed naval-y too.

Aunt M 1 Aunt M 2 Aunt M 3Hope Aunt Margaret can see that her card still sparkles 70 years later.

 Please see earlier Navy posts, if high quality bond, blended with intriguing graphics during a time of war sparks your interest. My guess is that having something nice–almost a gift in an envelope–small and tactile, to personalize and send, would have been comforting. I hope it was. And all correspondence was, from my view point still is, definitely treasured.

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