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I Spy with My Little Eye

Remember in Monsters Inc. when Mike Wazowski was on the cover of the magazine?

Disney Pixar 2001

And when in a Monsters Inc. TV commercial, the logo covered most of him? He took it in stride, even better he was thrilled. “I was on TV!”

Mike Wazowski is also a nickname for daughter #1 as she is often standing just behind someone taller, bending to tie her shoe, or just plain looking other way in photos and misses being seen in the shot.  So for a number of years, when the occasion presents itself, I’ll call her ‘Mike Wazowski’.

Monsters U this summer was an enjoyable prequel, plus the supplemental marketing plan supplied ample material for maternal fodder.  (Keeping traditions and connections with your children is so important. Of course, I should really work on those with more merit. . .) Mike kept popping up in my day to day life, so I would snap and send if possible. Anyhoo, the most recent trip to the market this week included spying these cookies.  Tempting. . .

Mike cookies

Yup, not scary. Probably Yummy!

I took a peek back at the sassy summer texts to Daughter #1/Mike 2 that I’ve saved.  Why, there is a mini-collection of Mike Wazowskis! May have to add a ‘Rambling’ category, but yes it is a collection.

Monsters U

Movie Poster at the Theater

Mike:  What  can I say? The camera loves me.

And it does.


Monsters U also has a rocking website.  If you are experiencing any college admission season trepidation or angst, please take visit to for a bit of levity. Spot on and exceptionally fun.

Monsters U Campus

Monsters U Campus

Mike W 2

Big event w/Mike W 2 in action, well kinda.

Eye see you!

Mike 2? Love ya, now have some cookies and juice, and study.

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