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Ice Ice Baby

Disney and ice skating are a classic family favorites.  Did you know they’ve been paired for over 60 years?

Vintage Ice Cycles Souvenir Programs

Ice Cycles 1951

(Cycles? Yes, I was thinking bikes too. . .)

This show had a Toy Shop Theme that featured Disney characters.

The program states the Ice Cycles present “through exclusive arrangement with Walt Disney Productions”. Entertaining to see the pre-Disneyland era characters.  They’ve come a long way in half a century.

1953 is the 8th edition of the Ice Cycles, and has a Cinderella Theme that complements the 17th Disney movie, which was released in 1950.


A Ball on Ice

“The Sweetest Story Ever Told”

If you were attending a show in the ’50s, I think you could count on seeing:

Maybe a holiday number too; this one features the Jingle Belles.

and Santa

Disney on Ice

Ready to head to the rink, pop in a Disney movie or maybe just a cup of cocoa?

And you thought I was going to show you one hundred different ice cube trays.


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