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In a Winter Wonderland (Set 3)

Vintage Christmas Cards Set 3 – Wintertime Activities (from 1938-45)

Card 1. Hit the holiday slopes with this snow bunny! Xmas 2a

Xmas 2b

Girl power 1938

Card 2


Hark are the Bells

Card 3.  A Jolly Christmas

Sledding 1

Watch your noggin, we’re on the toboggan!

Sledding 2Card 4

Xmas 4a

Dropping his pocketwatch and fountain pen, going to crazy lengths for a photo, it is a paparazzi?

Xmas 4b

Nope. Just a birdwatcher

Card 5

Blue Christmas 1

Unique blue paper, feels homemade

Blue Christmas 2

Most most favorite font. Quite like the simple greeting

Card 6.  Delivering presents!

Santa 1

That’s a real feather for Santa’s holding

Santa 2 Santa 3All of the above to you too.

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